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New Mass Regulations

St Peter Catholic Church

New Mass Regulations


SOME UPDATES : Please follow the mandatory guideline of wearing a mask where there are more then ten people present. Also, follow the social distancing of 6 ft. That will help stop the spread of this virus. Please continue to wear your masks for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ. ALSO, please do not remove your mask or kneel in front of Fr. Maria when you are receiving Communion. While you are encouraged to continue to receive Communion in the hand, you will again be able to receive Communion on the tongue, but may only do so from a priest. To accommodate as many people as safely as possible, please do the following: When entering a pew, take a seat toward the middle of the row if available. If you are the first one in the pew and take a seat on the aisle, then those who arrive after you are unlikely to want to crawl over you so that they can occupy a seat which is more toward the center. If you are here alone, or with just one other, please take a seat centered on the pew, and you will achieve recommended spacing. Please do not gather before or after the Mass at the entries to the Church. Not only does it make distancing difficult, but conversations usually also become quite loud while others may remain behind for some quiet time with the Lord after Mass

 A general dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass remains
in effect.
 Observe the 6 ft. social distancing protocol
 Communicants are to keep social distancing when in the Communion line
 People must wear masks to Mass. Communion may not be distributed or received with gloves.
 Anyone sick or having health issues should not attend Mass.
 We are blessed that public Mass has resumed, but at the same time, we need to be vigilant about maintaining safety in the celebration of Mass.
 This matter is too serious for us to take any other approach than one of extreme caution for the safety of others.

These guidelines must be followed or it will be necessary to discontinue having public Masses.

PLEASE NOTE: Please use the Holy Door as the entrance and exit through the main doors. Ushers will be taking you to your
seats and will help people exit in the correct order.

No social gatherings after Masses until further notice.

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