219 Adams Ave Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 262-7304

St Peter Catholic Church

Tue-Fri 12:10 PM 
Saturday 5:30 PM 
    Sunday 7:00 AM
     Sunday 10:30 AM

Holy Days : TBA

Established in 1834, we are the first Catholic church built in Montgomery, AL. We celebrate the Eucharist in a traditional setting that focuses on salvation through Jesus Christ.


Daily Confessions: Tue-Fri 11:45am – Noon

Saturday : 4:30pm – 5:15pm

Reconciliation Reference Guide.pdf

A Guide to Confession.pdf

St Peter Catholic Church

219 Adams Avenue Montgomery, AL 36101

Tel (334) 262-7304

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St Peter Catholic Church

219 Adams Avenue Montgomery, AL 36101

Tel (334) 262-7304

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Catholic Vocation Bible School

SAVE THE DATE FOR VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Our VBS will be held June 12 through June 16 from 9 AM to 12 PM.

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Fr Maria
St Peter Catholic Church


MASS ETIQUETTE APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR DURING MASS 1. FAST. Do not eat any good for one hour before Mass starts. Drinking water is allowed. 2. COME EARLY. Allow for 10-15 minutes[…]

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If you know someone (or are someone) who currently is not a Catholic but is interested in learning more about what are about or if you are interested in becoming Catholic, please call the Church office and leave your name and address and we’ll be in touch or you can speak with Deacon Labadie. 

COFFEE AND QUESTIONS (A VERSION OF RCIA) WITH THE DEACON: Each Sunday, beginning at 9:00 AM in the Parish Hall. This will continue throughout the year
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