219 Adams Ave Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 262-7304

St Peter Catholic Church

Tue-Fri 12:10 PM 
Saturday 5:30 PM 
    Sunday 7:00 AM
     Sunday 10:30 AM

Holy Days : TBAC

Established in 1834, we are the first Catholic church built in Montgomery, AL. We celebrate the Eucharist in a traditional setting that focuses on salvation through Jesus Christ.


DAILY CONFESSIONS : 11:45 am-Noon, Tuesday thru Friday. Due to the time constraints of Confessions before Mass, we will have to limit the number of people for Confession to three individuals. Please call the church office (262-7304) if you would like to have your Confession heard before 11:45am.

SATURDAY CONFESSIONS: 4:30 pm-5:15 pm. There will be no face to face confessions (please use screen side) at this time, because we still must follow the social distancing protocol. Please wear your mask at all times

Reconciliation Reference Guide.pdf

A Guide to Confession.pdf

St Peter Catholic Church

219 Adams Avenue Montgomery, AL 36101

Tel (334) 262-7304

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  JANUARY IS CATHOLIC CHARITIES MONTH. This weekend, our Chairs, Cary & Lynne Kuhlmann will be speaking about this campaign. Next weekend, Deacon Raymond Gueret will be giving a talk[…]

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Hospital Anointments

PLEASE CALL THE PARISH OFFICE if you will be entering the hospital for sickness or surgery so Fr. Maria can anoint you at your home before you enter the hospital.[…]

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Christ the King Medal

ST. Peter Parish would like to congratulate Mr. Chris Weller as our parish recipient of the Christ the King Medal. The Christ the King Medal is awarded to a parishioner[…]

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