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St Peter Catholic Church


Rev. Saleth Mariadoss, HGN

Fr. Maria, as he is called, has won the hearts of many with his winning smile and friendliness. His homilies encourage the congregation to listen to God’s words and to do good works for His glory. He is formulating plans to fulfill his order’s mission, to work for the glory of God by the evangelization of the people and by the sanctification of its members.

He was ordained in 2005 at St. Joseph’s College in Madurai, India and served as an assistant parish priest until 2007. His next appointment was as pastor and principal of Immaculate Conception Church and School in Sankarankovil where he supervised 15 schools and parishes until 2012.

Because his order, the Heralds of Good News, promises to send priests wherever they are needed, he found himself in the United States as parochial vicar at the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and St. Mary’s, both in Mobile. He was the pastor at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lillian, AL prior to being installed at St. Peter.

Deacon Jim Labadie

Deacon Labadie was ordained April 16, 1994. After 22 years at Our Lady Queen of Mercy, He was assigned as the first Deacon at St. Peter in March 2015. He is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus and is active in numerous parish activities. Deacon Labadie taught in the Theology Department at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School from 2011 – 2015. He served as the Archdiocesan liaison to the Charismatic Renewal from 1999 to 2004.





Parish Council Chair—John Johnston
Religious Education—Carrie Blocker
Adult Education—Bill Dean
Hospitality Chair—Charlie Colvin
St. Gianna Society—Lorie Mullins
Building & Grounds Chair—Domenic Ioffreda
St. Anne’s Guild—Lynne Kuhlmann
Prayer Line—Alice Smith
Bereavement Committee—Ladine Collins
Nursery—Bernie Eiswerth
Webpage—Richard Morgan
St. Vincent de Paul Society—Barbara Anderson
Dominican Project—Alice Smith
Food for the Hungry—Ava Inbau
The Catholic Shoppe—Ava Inbau
Choir—Tommy Holliman
Knights of Columbus Round Table-Doug Blackburn


John Johnston (Chair)-Michael Dean (Vice-Chair) -Patricia Dumas (Secretary) -Doug Blackburn—Marinella Davis—Jim Ippolito—Gary Parker—Audrey Phillips—Caterina Bristol

Parish Groups

St Peter Round Table :

Knights of Columbus Council 893

Our Knights of Columbus Round Table meets the third Monday of each month in the parish hall. The St. Peter Round Table meeting is open to all current Knights as well as other practicing Catholic men age 18 and up.

The Knights of Columbus has been called “the strong right arm of the Church,” and has been praised by popes, presidents, and other world leaders for supporting the Church, programs of evangelization, Catholic education, civic involvement, and aid to those in need.

Our parish is part of Montgomery Knights of Columbus Council 893 which serves the parishes of St. Peter, St. Bede, Our Lady Queen of Mercy, and Holy Family. Our council was the third KofC council in state of Alabama. We were established April 10, 1904. For more information on the St. Peter KofC Round Table please contact Doug Blackburn or Deacon Labadie. You can contact Doug directly at knights893@yahoo.com or through the council’s Facebook Page at Knights893 Facebook. If you are currently member of a different KofC council you can get a Form100 from Doug. He will assist you with transferring to Council 893.

Parish Choir

Music has always been a very important part of St. Peter Catholic Church. Music is essential in that it reinforces the readings and is not selected randomly without consideration of how it fits into the Mass. At the present time, the adult choir is the only active music organization in our parish. The adult choir sings for the 10:30 am Mass each Sunday. We also sing during Holy Week, Christmas, and any special Masses. Our choir meets on Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the choir room in the school. No audition is required; all you have to do is come to practice. Being in the choir is a serious commitment because all members must come to practice and be at the Masses which we sing in order for the choir to function at its best.

St. Anne’s Guild

Saint Anne’s Guild was organized in 1939 to care for the St. Peter altar, sanctuary, and sacristy in cooperation with the St. Peter Altar Society. Throughout the years, we have also contributed to the care of the parish hall and other church property. In addition to weekly care and cleaning of the interior of the church, we are responsible for the candles and altar cloths. Did you ever wonder why the holy water fonts are always clean and filled, or how the church is always tidy and inviting – a place of serene beauty and contemplation? Our member volunteers are responsible for the clean church that you can enter every day of the year. 

Our funds have helped to pay for items that need to be repaired and replaced. One of our projects was the beautiful needlepoint kneelers that compliment the interior of our historic church. We organize and fund the flowers on Feast Days, the poinsettias at Christmas, and the lilies at Easter. We contributed to the upgrading of the Parish Hall, pay for repairs to vestments, and had the chalices re-plated. Along with caring for the church and fund-raising, the group has a social component. Members meet monthly to carry out the business of the organization. Meetings are held in either member homes or the Parish Hall. 

We enjoy refreshments and camaraderie, and the opportunity to get acquainted and share ideas with others of our Catholic faith. We welcome all women at St. Peter to help us carry out our mission. If you are new to the parish, joining us would help you get to know folks. If you are a stay at home mother, join us and bring the children to our meetings (we love kids). If you are someone who has never had the time to join St. Anne’s Guild, please consider us again. This group will afford you the opportunity to take an active and meaningful role in your church, share your talents, meet new friends, and have fun doing it. You will find that all of our members are active throughout our church and can be found at church functions as well as working in committees including the Burse Club, the Bereavement Committee, the Kitchen Crew, and the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. Our members are also involved in spiritual outreach programs such as helping the Dominican Monastery of St. Jude.

Catholic Young Adults of Montgomery

Catholic Young Adults of Montgomery

While the Catholic Young Adults of Montgomery (CYAM) is not exclusive to St. Peter Parish, it is rooted in our parish family. Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Mobile and the Knights of Columbus, this group is a vibrant ministry that includes two of our St. Peter parishioners, Daniel and Audrey Philips, on its leadership team. President Daniel Philips is a Fourth Degree Knight from our St. Peter Knights of Columbus Round Table. Audrey Philips is the CYAM Secretary. This young adult ministry brings together multiple River Region Catholic parishes. The Catholic Young Adults of Montgomery seek to unite young adults to Jesus and His Church so as to provide a place of belonging and a real relationship with God through catechesis, fellowship, charity, and sacraments.

CYAM holds monthly group events focused primarily on faith formation, called “Brewing the Faith”; semester-long Small Groups, focused primarily on forming and strengthening personal relationships; and various Social Events, focused primarily on fellowship. Visit their website Catholic Young Adults of Montgomery. You can also call Daniel at 334-322-2331 or email cyamontgomery@gmail.com.

River Region Chesterson Society (RRCS)

The River Region Chesterton Society (RRCS) is an affiliate of the American Chesterton Society (ACS).  Like the American Chesterton Society, the RRCS is dedicated to promoting evangelization and the social teaching of the church by delving deep into the life and writings of G.K. Chesterton.  Under their vision and mission statement listed on their website, the ACS has the following, “We look to G.K. Chesterton as the preeminent model for the New Evangelization: an articulate defender of the faith with charity for all (even with whom he disagreed); and a life permeated by an enduring sense of joy, wonder, and gratitude.”

Chesterton is the perfect guide for navigating the channels of our troubled society.  It is our hope that by studying Chesterton’s writings, by bringing awareness to his thoughts and ideas, we may eventually see a return to common sense.  The RRCS meets the third Thursday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., typically in the St. Peter Parish Hall or one of the classrooms, and sometimes at the Goat Haus Biergarten in downtown Montgomery. For more information please contact Jake Blocker.

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